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Data Privacy

3W Jobs Spain is a service provided by W3 Ltd. registered in England and owner of es.3wjobs.com and databases comprising company, jobseekers and vacancy details used on this website.

Data provided by jobseekers and companies are handled by W3 Ltd. with the only purpose of establishing a link between employers and jobseekers.Companies registered on this website agree to use the services provided with the only purpose of recruiting for their own organisation or other parties for which they work. Any other use will be disapproved by W3 Ltd. and will result in the cancelation of the account and, should there were evidences of unlawful conduct these will be passed to our legal advisers.

Companies using this site agree to provide comprehensive information on the vacancies they advertise. Job ads with contact details on their title or description will not be published and accounts of companies regularly repeating this practice will be cancelled.

Companies or jobseekers using this site can, at anytime, edit, update or delete any of their details. If for any technical reason this was not possible the user can request their details to be manually edited or deleted by our team. Registered users are required to keep their login credentails safe. Requests for the manual removal of accounts as a result of the lost of the login credentials will be met after receiving a scanned copy of an official proof of ID. A small charge for the administration cost will apply.

Details provided by jobseekers or employers on this site are handled in accordance with the privacy level selected by the user.

refund policy

Refunds are not allowed on the purchase of any service at this site.

For queries relating to data privacy and the interpretation of these rules contact us through our contact form:

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3W Jobs Spain is a service provided by W3 Ltd. registered in England, reg no 04182115, 193 Market St., Hyde, Cheshire, SK14 1HF..




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